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Our fleet of commercially insured vehicles are designed to move shipments efficiently and on time, from small envelopes to 6,000 pounds of freight and everything in between. Our couriers are long-term, valued employees who understand customer service and professionalism.

eMail for quotes and questions.


Anchorage: (907) 349-7699
Fairbanks:  (907) 458-7699
Juneau:     (907) 349-7699
Kenai:       (907) 349-7699
Soldotna:   (907) 349-7699
Mail to

1120 Huffman, #24, PMB 201
Anchorage, AK  99515

Freight Services     
Based on use of a 16’ flatbed cargo truck, 6-7000lb capacity with a 2500lb lift-gate. Truck can be configured with side rails or without and weather protection is available.                          
PER WEIGHT           
0-500lbs                       $6.75 per 100lbs
501-1000lbs                  $6.50 per 100lbs
1001-2000lbs                $6.00
2001-4000lbs                $5.50
4001-6500lbs                $5.00
PER PALLET                                                   
$55.00 1ST pallet
$15.00 ea. additional
REGULAR                      $10.00
PRIORITY                     $20.00      
LIFT-GATE SERVICE        $15.00
DOLLY SERVICE          $1.00 per 100lbs
Time (after 15 minutes)   $5.00 per 30 minutes 




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